Real Estate Websites Built on WordPress – 32 Examples of Realtor Blogs

Today I attended Real Estate WordCamp in Denver, CO where I presented a session designed to highlight real estate websites that are built on WordPress.  Following is the slide deck from my presentation. If you are a Realtor looking to build a web presence, all of the examples in the slide deck are great foundations for ideas. And all are built on WordPress as the underlying development platform and are worthy of applause:

One of the sites that I used in the presentation (www.GoodLifeTeam) was featured in an earlier post where I express why I think that WordPress is THE development platform for today’s Realtor.  As the slides show, there are a few Realtors who agree and are doing some great sites.

Do you know some great Realtor sites that are built in WordPress?  Let us know by leaving a comment with a link to the site in the comments.

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  • Take Sunset

    Great post. I built my site on WordPress and I am getting get traffic from home-seekers here in Southern California. I think WordPress is the ideal CMS to use to build a real estate web site.

    • Agent Applause

      It is great to hear of these success stories. Thank you for sharing. Your site looks great. I really like the font you chose for your header.

  • scottschang

    Great presentation Stacey! There is no question about the versatility and functionality available with the WordPress platform. You did a great job highlighting some of the best of the best here.

  • Matt Stigliano – @rerockstar

    Stacey – Would have loved to have seen the full presentation on that. So many great sites in there. WordPress is the final word in real estate websites as far as I'm concerned. I've tried some others and viewed plenty more, but WordPress is versatile, easy to use, allows for complex solutions when wanted, and has an amazing host of developers and support. Most hosts now offer it as part of their packages and the installs are simple (mine has a one-click installation process).

    The hardest part of convincing other agents to use it is the “fear factor.” The first time you load up WordPress it can be a little daunting for someone who hasn't toyed with a user interface like it. It's not hard to figure out, but when some agents out there are still afraid of their email inbox, you can see where WordPress would seem a bit scary.

    As for the sites you chose, there were some excellent choices (regular reading for me) and some new ones that I haven't seen before. Guess I have some reading to do! Thanks for sharing your presentation with us.

    • Agent Applause

      Matt – So glad the presentation introduced you to some new sites/reads! I totally agree that the “fear factor” is a hurdle for many agents. I've found some success in explaining that I view WordPress much like I view Microsoft Excel. It is very easy to get up and running with excel. Most people can figure out how to type into a cell right away, add basic formatting, and run some simple functions. But the power of excel beyond that is amazing, and for those who invest in learning the application, they can create complex spreadsheets and budgets that dazzle. WordPress is much the same way. You can be up and blogging day one, but with additional education and training on the platform over time (or the hiring of the proper developer) the power of the platform can be grand (as some of the examples in the presentation illustrate). I think we will continue to see great things from Realtors and Brokerages as they and their developers continue to push the WordPress platform. I for one will continue to keep an eye out for innovative sites in our industry based on this technology. Thanks for your comment.

  • Toby Barnett

    I am also a fan of WP as a real estate CMS but one problem I have found is real estate agents love to have every widget on their site. The result is a drastic reduction in load time and sites tend to stutter. The items I really enjoy from WP are: easy to customize url structure, ease to build navigation, and all the SEO widgets available through WP extends. Great platform and I bet it only gets better.

    • Agent Applause

      Toby – Thanks for your comment. I agree that many Realtors go widget crazy…and that can certainly affect the aesthetic design of the site as well as the load time. It's definitely a balance. I agree that the platform will only get better – I'm curious to see what happens to the WP platform once 3.0 is released (currently in beta).

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  • johncoley

    Stacey- thanks for the post, I enjoyed hearing you speak at RETechSouth in March.

    I am a wordpress guy. Actually the built the site for me on WordPress MU and trained me. I love the flexibility of it. My URL is

    • Agent Applause

      John – The graphics and layout of your site look really good! Thanks for the RETSO compliment and for following Agent Applause.

      • johncoley

        thanks, I just went through my 3rd site revision since 1-2007. I like that there is a big wordpress community out there to swap ideas and get help easily.

  • BFRE

    Great presentation. Another great blog to check out: Beautiful and informational!

    • Agent Applause

      Sharp looking blog. Really nice example!

  • Ryan Hartman

    Prediction- fitty percent or more of real estate heads will have a wp site by 2013.

    Some cool current examples:

    • Agent Applause

      Look forward to seeing if your prediction will come true. I certainly think it is is possible. Love that list of sites. Thank you!

    • Tgeneral


      This is a very unique layout! Do you know who designed this one?

      • Ryan

        The home page is a child theme of thematic called “gallery” . The other pages are thesis…

        I built the sites and the folks at Cityspace provided images, and directed the design all around. (they have a really good designer in house, which made the project a lot of fun. )

        • Stacey Harmon

          Really like that Cityspace site Ryan – great example! [noted for future presentations...:) ]

  • Katie Lance

    Stacey – nice job!! I just linked to this blog on my blog post too! Thank you for such a great post!

    Katie Lance, Marketing Manager, Inman News

    • Stacey Harmon

      Thanks Katie for the comment and the mention! Appreciate it.

  • tambra_wp_security

    Hi Stacey, It was great to meet you Monday at the Real Estate Wordcamp in Denver. I really enjoyed your selection of sites that you displayed in your presentation. I have used WordPress on my sites for years now, and I'm very excited to see it making such a strong move into the real estate market. I look forward to meeting you again.

    • Stacey Harmon

      Great to meet you too. Thanks for following up here on my blog. Keep me posted on what you do with WordPress!

  • JoanneErickson

    I enjoyed your presentation at RE Word Camp in Denver. Lots of ideas rolling around in my head. Thanks for the great information. I anticipate a lot of tough work trying to integrate new ideas and update my site.

    • Stacey Harmon

      Thanks Joanne. Love hearing that it spurred lots of ideas for you – that was the goal! Appreciate your comment.

  • Bill Gassett

    Hi Stacy…I have had my Worpress site up for about 2 months now and absolutely love it! It is built under the Thesis platform which in my opinion is the best bar none for SEO. I would love for you to drop by and check it out. My URL is

    • Stacey Harmon

      Your site looks great Bill! Thesis is a great theme and I agree, one of the best for SEO. Is there any specific SEO success that you can share with me that you attribute directly to your blog? Always interested to hear about specific success stories. Thanks for your comment!

  • Bill Gassett

    Thanks Stacey! I have a very strong web presence between multiple blogs and my website. I am on the 1st page of Google for 15 different towns in my immediate area for most popular Real Estate related keyword searches. I do receive a lot of business through blogging and my website. Without SEO I would not see nearly the amount of business that I do. I would like to show you something really cool that you may not have seen….check this out:)

  • Eugene Ridenour

    Here’s a great site built by the Realtor (Henry Plascencia of Prudential California Realty) himself using WordPress Frugal Theme

  • nikkidevaux

    I also had my site built on WordPress. Check it out at
    It's been great and I've generated quite a bit of business from it!

  • Johnny Ray

    What inherent advantages does WP have over other blogging formats?

    I thought I did due diligence before going with another platform…could someone tell me why I should switch to WP?

  • Ney

    Some love WordPress others love LiveJournal… personal preference is WP. Nice to see how blogs are applied in different manners by agents.

  • limeyboy

    Jennifer Blanchard has a nice website which is built using wordpress

  • Tony

    Working now more than 2 years on real estate wordpress websites. Take a look here at This is my own development in combination with a programmer. Then other ones like, and

  • Stacey Harmon

    Really like that Cityspace site Ryan – great example! [noted for future presentations...:) ]

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  • rian

    Thanks for the examples, has anyone came across any online WP tutorials showing how to build a Realtor website?

  • Audrey

    Two sites that use WordPress as a CMS:

  • Michael Sosnowski

    We used WP to create our blog within our existing website. Has anyone else considered this. It requires a bit more work to update both the website and blog, but it seems to be working out okay. The address is

    Would appreciate any feedback on this approach.

  • Salt Lake City Realtor

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  • Anonymous

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  • Realty Press

    Great article. Agents and Brokers who want to build a successful WordPress Real Estate Marketing Website will be able to use this info and benefit from it.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  • Troy

    We used the Genesis framework with the AgentPress them for and Weaver 2010 theme for  I think Ryan is right, WordPress is the future for Realtors. Easy to use and looks good.

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  • Mike

    Yeah!, WordPress is really a good way to blog their ideas about real estate. Mike Warren

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  • pacificwaters

    Whether I use CHrome, Safari or Firefox, the slideshow never loads. Can you post the links?


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