Custom Twitter Background Says You’re Dealing With A Tech Savvy Realtor

No doubt about it, having a customized Twitter background speaks levels about your comprehension of Twitter as a branding and communications medium.  The Queen of Realtor Twitterers (and Mojito’s), Ines Hegedus-Garcia clearly understands this as evidenced by her sharp custom background on her Twitter profile.  Her background announces that she has a comprehension of the twitter environment and knows how to showcase herself, and her business, appropriately.

Ines has done several things right with this twitter background:

  1. It is professionally designed and is visually pleasing.
  2. It is reflective of her market (her specialty is Miami condos)
  3. It is reflective of her personality and interests (It is fun and reflects her passion for Mojitos)
  4. You know how to reach her as her phone number, email, and website is prominently and clearly displayed
  5. It is in-line with the look/feel of her other online business sites
  6. It reflects the casual nature of the Twitter medium
  7. The design gives thought to the full design space.  When people go to her profile, they only see the left and right side of the image.  However, when they go to send her a direct message (image below), they see more of the design than they would on her profile page.  The design has clearly accounted for this.

For Realtors interested in generating their own Twitter background, there is a great post by Matt Silverman on How To Customize Your Business’s Twitter Background where he points out several key elements (including the appropriate image size to use) for proper execution.  And, his article includes the following key design tip:

Don’t clutter your background with too much information. Because URLs are not clickable in a background, this space is best suited for logos, photos, or other clean graphic elements that express what your business is all about.

Further resources for Realtors looking to customize their twitter background can be found in this post Reflect Your Real Estate Brand on Twitter – Customize Your Background which includes links to two services that Twitter users can use to step up their background.

And although there are many marketing practices that Ines could be applauded for (on Twitter and beyond) we focus this post on applauding her great twitter background.  For any agent who chooses to Twitter as part of their business strategy, Ines is clearly a great example to emulate.

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  • miamism

    Thank you! Twitter backgrounds are not easy because as much as we are promoting our business, we still need to reflect our personality and keep it fun. The page was designed by @stickboyweb and very happy I hired him instead of doing one of the standard backgrounds.

  • Casey

    Great post & I definitely agree that this is a great background. Much more fun than most of the real estate professional type I usually see (boo suits!). This is the year I told myself I would customize our company's Twitter page and have been doing a lot of research on the subject. Very informative and useful. I actually have our graphic designer working on it now.

    • Agent Applause

      Thanks for the comment Casey! We'd love to see your final twitter background once done. Keep us posted.

  • Nicole Adrian

    I definitely agree that choosing an eye-catching twitter background image to appease the visitor's eyes can be a challenging task for everyone at first, but when inspired and after viewing lots and lots of images, you can certainly find the one that your visitors might like while also maintain your business professionalism. Attracting visitors via twitter is part of the business technique that can make or break the interest of your potential follower/customer.

    I did want to mention that along with the design tips I got from your post, you might find these cute twitter backgrounds, hot twitter backgrounds, and retro twitter backgrounds inspirational to the professional solutions of realtor sites. I am new to twitter but not to the reality arena and I found this site really helpful.