Forget Google – Realtor Uses Local Strategies to Win Blog Visibility

Simi Valley, California Realtor Ted Mackel is often referenced as a case study of the “Techie Realtor”.  His blogging efforts, use of video, use of Facebook Pages and Twitter, and his RE BarCamp networking, certainly qualify him as a great example of the modern Realtor.  The core of his strategy though is, his blog […]

WordPress Wonder! Realtor’s Website Impresses.

If you aren’t proud of your real estate website, it isn’t going to yield you any business.  Realtor Amanda McMillan certainly has plenty to be proud of with her real estate website  The site is visually attractive and greets visitors with lovely scrolling images reflective of the Chicago lifestyle she sells.  But beyond being […]

Real Estate Websites Built on WordPress – 32 Examples of Realtor Blogs

Today I attended Real Estate WordCamp in Denver, CO where I presented a session designed to highlight real estate websites that are built on WordPress.  Following is the slide deck from my presentation. If you are a Realtor looking to build a web presence, all of the examples in the slide deck are great foundations […]

Realtor Blog Reflects Outstanding Niche Marketing

Realtors Kathy Sperl-Bell and Bill Bell couldn’t be clearer in who their audience is with  If the URL wasn’t enough to clarify the intended audience of this blog, the imagery when you click the link does, and the visuals are supported by relevant content tailored for the segment, making their site an excellent example […]

Brand Consistency Between Websites

As Realtors begin to embrace marketing themselves on the web, it is not uncommon to find an agent who will have a web presence on multiple sites including: Their own website Their blog Twitter Facebook A photo site (maybe they use Posterous) You Tube A challenge to marketing yourself  at all these different platforms is […]